I hope the thread title got everybody's attention. My band name is, in fact, The Porn Groove. We are really starting to gain momentum in Chicago- playing some great shows and we have some big aspirations. I personally characterize us as garage rock/funk.
You can listen to or download our whole demo for free, here.

Please tell me what you think! We recorded the demo in October so obviously things have picked up a bit since then...and we're recording a full length over the summer! It's all very exciting. I'm bass and vocals, fellow UG'er SaturatedFat is guitar and vocals as well. Enjoy and like us on facebook!

The Porn Groove (facebook)
Sounds like RHCP a lot, your sound is ****ing fun though. I bet your shows are fun to attend.
I found alot of inspiration in "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" so we do have an RHCP sound but its starting to develop in our own direction.
If you're ever in Chicago come see a show! Haha they are a blast