So I just put on a set of DR 10-52 strings on my Strat, and I am having a serious issue with one string in particular, the G string (or F string, as it's a step down).

The rest of the strings sound and feel just fine, but this one feels horribly out of place. It bends too easily, feels excessively loose, and it makes an annoying "BWAYYANG" whenever it's hit, and makes a chord sound broken and out of tune even if the string is perfectly, and I mean spot on in tune.

I have stretched it out as much as it will go; there is no change whatsoever when I pull upwards on it.

I have a feeling it's a mispackaged string of the wrong gauge. Like instead of being 10-13-17-30-44-52 like it's supposed to be, it feels more like 10-13-15-30-44-52. I've heard of DR mispackaging strings before, could this be the case with me? Because this does NOT feel right. I've used Ernie Ball 10-52 for Std. D/Drop C many times in the past, and the F string has NEVER felt or sounded like this.

And please, don't give me the "Oh, you play Drop C? You should be using 13-72s, 10-52s are too light" bullshit. 10-52 is my preference; it's worked before but isn't working with this particular set with one string. Don't immediately blame it on the set's gauge.
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Probably is a bad string, I had it with a set once where the G string had really bad intonation, a new string cured it no problem. I think it was elixirs.
I have had that problem with a few of the DR sets. I too play in Drop C a lot and i noticed this problem I think I was using 11-56 but I have also tried the 10-52 and had the same problem. I just got some of the Dunlop strings for drop tuning and they work pretty well I use the 11-52 or 54 I can't remember what it is, but they seem to work well. I have also seen that ernie ball makes some cobalt strings. I think I will try those next.
Dud strings happen from time to time. Just replace it with a new one.
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You could of accidentally put the wrong string on.
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You could of accidentally put the wrong string on.
It's the right string. It's thicker compared to the next two strings, which feel correct. The F string does not feel correct, like it's a gauge lower (probably a 15 or 16).

As of five minutes ago I managed to find an Ernie Ball 18 gauge string in a drawer of normally useless shit. It's one higher than 17 but should still do the job. I'm going to put it on and see if it works.