played one of these today, it was in perfect condition and it sounded beautiful. Cant seem to find much info on the brand, but it seems to worth the $300 offer i made them. Any help here fellas?
I have never seen nor tried them, but I notice they come up once in a while when cruising the guitar classifides. I can't tell you anything about them with certainty, other that they were made a exported from Japan. I understand that some of the higher ends models sound very good, and even the lower ends are quite respectable. I can't recall ever running into comments that were negative about them.

Most likely they ended up on the wayside due to Yamaha's agressive marketing with retailers and school music programs.

If I was personally in the market for a classical guitar in this price range, I would definately check them out, $300 places quite a bit of limitation on newer classical guitars.

If I were you I would keep searching the net, I have seen the model 35s go in the $200 to $250 range, but I don't know what kind of condition they were in nor do I know the differences between the two models.
I'm the only player to be sponsered by 7 guitar companies not to use their products.
well the thing is i wasn't really looking for a classical guitar, but it sounded so good and it was in such nice condition i figured it was worth buying as they seem somewhat rare. there was one listed at guitar center for 360 used, so i thought 300 seemed like a fair price. thanks for the info man !