I have a Schecter Tempest standard that's 8 months old. I went to plug in today and something happened to the jack where you plug in to the guitar. It disappeared. I took off the cover and found it, it's still connected by the wire. 3 washers also fell out. How do I repair this or do I need to take it to Guitar Center? If so, how much will that be to repair?
If it's only 8 months old then it may still be under a warranty assuming it has a minimum one year warranty. I would take it back to them and get them to repair it as it shouldn't of come apart in the first place.
that happens to almost every guitar i buy lol. i guess the jacks just come loose during shipping. it should take you less than 5 minutes to fix if all the wiring connections are still good. put the washers back on and when you put the nut on be sure to get it nice and tight so it doesn't happen again. its kinda self explanatory and not worth the drive to guitarcenter.
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make sure when you tighten it back not to twisted the jack itself, or the wires will come loose.
I'm not actually familiar with that guitar. If you can get to the back of the socket when tightening the nut grab it with a pair of pliers to stop it twisting. If not it's a pita. You can make a tool for the job with a hex bolt, a piece of rubber tubing and a nut. Somebody makes a tool for the job but unless you are a guitar tech needing one regularly you might as well make one.
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