Okay, I'm looking at these two 'maybe's'. The first a Jay Turser JT 220D Tobacco Sunburst vs. an Epiphone Les Paul Sepcial Goth. Which one is better? I've found the stats of both, but as I am newer to guitars than being knowledgeable in the 'hardware' section, I need some guidance. The price range for both is around $250 for the Turser which is in my price range, or $150 for the Epi. I'm looking at which will be better for, both the sounds I want, and the 'long haul not having to buy another to compensate for lack of playability in genre's'. I'm currently in the 'hard rock/hard core/punk/goth/emo' music, but am looking to play just regular instrumental pieces. And more 'mellow' sounds. By the looks of it the JT is the better bet, but I like the look of the 'Epi Goth'. Anyone know from firsthand experience? Would like input from people who have either played one or both of the guitars in question. Thanks.