The threads are as annoying as the commercials I know...

But dang, I'm sitting here watching southpark online, at a comfortably low setting, then BLAM MAXIMUME VOLUME COMMERCIAL FOR ... WHATEVER THEY DON'T CARE!!!!! THEY WANT YOU TO HEAR ABOUT IT SO IT'S DOWN YOUR EAR-TUBES WITH THE LOUDEST VOLUME THEY CAN CONCIEVE OF~~!~~!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else tired of it? I mean on tv it's one thing... they're loud, but ...

Not as bad as those on the net atm. Especially on sites like the one eluded to.

I know that no commercial advertizers will read this but still:

Hey, if you're a big wig executive of a commercial advertizing agentcy, can you do us all a HUGE favor? TURN YOUR F**King commercials down? I mean I know it's not as simple as some (like me) make it out... as shows use lower volume most of the time so the louder points of the shows have more impact... it's dramatic stuff. I get it ok. But using that as an excuse to turn your commercials up to over 5x the loudest volume of a given show? I'm sorry, but that's not even close to even an excuse! Don't believe me? Watch southpark on their website which I'm not going to link to here, you know where it is ... and sit back, turn your speakers' volume to a comfortable level for the episode... then wait for a commercial. Don't touch the volume. If you can stand the commercial ffor more than 1 second without bleeding out the ears or involuntairly turning the speakers down to save your hearing/life... then you sir or mam are ALMOST DEAF and need your hearing checked .
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It's because they want to get your attention. Loud commercials are nothing new.
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Legally (in canada anyways) its only allowed to be as loud as the loudest spot in the programming itself. Still loud as hell commercials. Thank jesus for pvr's.

Ive actually complained to the crtc about it several times.
In the U.S. volumes are set per channel, but I heard they're trying to implement a volume standard since commercials keep getting louder.
I have an essay about this due tomorrow so yay
The reason, as Stewie said, is to grab your attention. A mass majority of the company depends on how much money they make from reeling people in from these advertisements, as they spend a significant portion of their costs to make said advertisements. They resort to using any way possible to grab your attention, whether it be sex, vibrant colours, trends, or in this case volume. Mass advertising doesn't work if the products aren't being sold.
Of course this sounds obvious, but obvious is obvious for a reason.
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It's because they want to get your attention. Loud commercials are nothing new.

Exactly. It's as simple as that.

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They should try do a commercial that's completely silent and completely blank. I sometimes have my TV on in the background and if the sound cut off and all the pixels went black (It's a CRT so you can hear it) I'd be all wtf and then turn around and the TV would have my complete ttetion
If you want my attention, turn the volume down enough and THAT will catch my attention these days
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