Reported. This is the worst enquiry ever. For starters, it isn't an enquiry, it's only 1 question long. Besides that, the five given answers to choose from suck ass. None of them is what I do to acquire a new guitar. And what is the reason for posting it here? 0.001% of UG speaks dutch.

I hope you fail for this school subject you're doing it for. You took 2 mins of my life, I want it back now.
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i agree with LP_CL, at least you could have come up with more questions. You cant call this a investigation.
Guys give him a break. He told you that it was only one question in the OP. And there are a couple of dutch people on UG which could help himso it wasn't a stupid idea.

@paoelios, just filled it in. But just to be curious. Why didn't you choose for more questions? Is it just for your own information which helps you form your report? And I think it would be smart to create an english version of it so more people can help you (and to avoid annoying replies as above)
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Cool subject! But I hope you're not going to take the results, which are subjective data (people's tastes, opinions), to directly answer the question how various guitar parts influence the sound of a guitar, which is rather objective in essence (it's measurable, can be perceived, shown in a graphic etc.)
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I thought the rules said no non-english languages...
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