Hi, I'm a singer, songwriter, guitarist and music producer.

I've been developing my production skills the past few months and have so far put together 10 good quality sample tracks.

These are all instrumental production using ableton for production in order to get that unmistakable quality and being able to construct an entire song with.

They are a diverse range of ska, dub, experimental acoustic, chillout, trippy, hip hop infused, dubstep influenced set of songs.

The are short tracks from about 1:00 - 2:00 but I have put a ton of hours into each one of these tracks.

I've already had some great feedback and would appreciate some likes, comments, subscriptions and a few more plays if thats not too much trouble if you enjoy the tracks.

My soundcloud, facebook and reverbnation are:




Some tracks of note:

This track smasing it up is my most guitar orientated track. A chilled out upbeat ska track with a really fun lead.


My friend reckons this one is one of the best I've created. A chilled out dark ska dub sounding song.


A lot of people like this dark dirty bongo infused trippy hip hoppy beat


And This one is probably one of my favourites


Thank you very much.