I love her music alot and i'm going to go to a concert of her in March for the first time.
But i want to give her a present, to show my appreciation of her music.
But i have no idea what she likes.
Any fans that can give me an idea?
yeah, she goes with Andy Samberg. weird! lucky bastard.

I adore Joanna. I'd love to see her live.

as far as gifts go, I'm not sure what she'd like. bring her your favorite book.
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are you serious?

is it hard to believe i want to give something to one of my favorite artists?
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I guess not, it's just not something I've EVER heard of someone doing

Well, i'm also a big Buckethead fan.
And Buckethead usually gives toys to his fans and his fans know this and give stuff to him aswell!

Check out this video at 1:12
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She's pretty awesome.

i agree! and very unique aswell!
i was surprised i couldn't find a thread dedicated to her
i get shivers each time i hear her song 'go long'