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No spamming here, I hope that this is the right area for this, please move if it isnt.

I´ve produced/directed the music-documentary "Welcome To The Machine" for the last 2 1/2 years on my own, with no filmfundings from the government, or sponsors, or anything , simply independent.
Therefore I started a crowdfunding Campaign now to finish the movie:


The music-documentary is searching for nothing less than the “Secret of Success” in the music business.

If you like it, you can easily contribute and support this interesting project. every help is welcomed!

If you have any questions about this movie, feel free to ask!...;-)

thx and greets!

What Is The Movie About?
Is there a set path to glory? Or does it all come down to luck and coincidence, charisma and talent?
The 12 Commandments of music business brought together in one film. The secret of success, the purpose of music awards, the whole truth about recording contracts and nine other monstrosities. “Welcome to the Machine” is not just a rockumentary, but also uncovers the whole truth! Lots of stars, experts and professionals tell the truth and only the truth about this machinery.*

The music-documentary “Welcome To The Machine” is searching for the* “Secret of Success” in the music business. 
In other words its about band formation, artist imagery and promotional work, to the big festival gigs, casting shows, music media, the right image, promotion, the relevance of charts and finally a major record deal. 
The only question that remains is how to do it the right way. Is there a secret recipe for success? How did the established bands make it to where they are, and how on earth does one get a record deal?
First gigs with no audience, tricks and traps of the press, the boring routine of touring, which isn’t as exciting as one had imagined it to be. And many more questions.
The documentary „Welcome to the Machine“ tries to give answers to all these questions.*
Not always dead serious, but most definitely pitiless - after all it’s just about this one big question: Is there one right way to Fame?

Adam Green (US), A.F.I. (US), Alec Empire (DE), The Album Leaf (US), Amorphis (FL), Apocalyptica (FL), Archive (US), Asaf Avidan & The Mojos (IL), John B (UK), Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (US), Bloodhound Gang (US), Blood Red Shoes (UK), Blumentopf (DE), Buckcherry (US), Bullet For My Valentine (UK), Bunny Lake (AT), Chilly Gonzalez (CA), Coldcut (UK), Gabriella Cilmi (AU), Cypress Hill (US), Dälek (US), Danko Jones (CA), Dillinger Escape Plan (US), Disturbed (US), Donots (DE), Eight Legs (UK), Fatboy Slim (UK), Fehlfarben (DE), Fettes Brot (DE), Gentleman (DE), Die Goldenen Zitronen (DE), Halestorm (US), The Heavy (UK), Helloween (DE), The Hidden Cameras (CA), HIM (FL), Infected Mushrooms (IL), Jan Vogler (DE),* Japanese Popstars (IE), Kim Wilde (UK), Kool And The Gang (US), Lacuna Coil (IT), Lydia Lunch (US), Marina and the Diamonds (UK), Maximilian Hecker (DE), Melissa auf der Maur (CA), Moonbootica (DE), Morcheeba (UK), Nada Surf (US), Natalia Ushakova (AT),* Nazareth (UK), New Model Army (UK), New Young Pony Club (UK), Noiseast (ES), One Republic (US), Oomph! (DE), Papa Roach (US), The Parlotones (ZA), Peaches (CA), The Pet Conspiracy (CN), Das Pop (BE), Otis Taylor (US), Shantel (DE), Soundtrack Of Our Lives (SE), Die Sterne (DE), Sunrise Avenue (FI), Suzie Quatro (US), Texas Terri Bomb (US), Thomas Anders (DE), Timid Tiger (DE), The Reverend Dayton´s´Big Damn Band (US), TV Buddhas (IL), Uriah Heep (UK), White Lies (UK), You Love Her Coz She´s Dead (UK), Xiu Xiu (US), Yaron Herman (IL), The New Vitamin (AT)

Anton Corbijn (Director), Ray Cokes (MTV,VH1,BBC&hellip, Marie Clausen (Senior Product Manager K7 Records NY), Rupert Hine (Producer), Thorsten Schliesche (Napster Vice President Sales & Marketing Europe), Jim Mahoney (Vice President American Association of Independent Music), Prof. Felix Oberholzer-Gee (Harvard Business School), Hannes Eder (General Manager Universal Music Austria), Joachim Hentschel (Editor-in-charge Rolling Stone Magazine), Mag. Thomas Böhm (Amadeus Awards), Prof. Stan J. Liebowitz (School of Management University of Texas), Georg Spatt (Head Of Radio Station Ö3), Jörg Timp (Manager Starkult Promotion Berlin), Sasha Saedi (Senior A&R Manager, Universal), Klaus Totzler (Musicjournalist, ORF), Andreas Wenden (Popjuristen Sweden), Thomas Rabitsch (Produzent), Walter Gröbchen (Monkey Music)
this sounds quite interesting but if you've already finished it wouldn't you be better off just releasing it without the dolby mix? being that the docu is, from what I gather about behind the scenes as oppose to the music itself?

also you say it features 99 bands/experts by my count? for a 2 hour documentary that still equates to less than 2 minutes screen time each?


"Live Machinist: $1,500
The band will play at your party! you have to provide travel and lodging and the Schnaps! They will play on your birthday party, funeral, bachelor, even at your wedding (although i wont recommend this, except you hate your parents-in-law). Or the director comes to your place, screens the movie, answer your questions, tells storys about the movie, gets drunk with you and annoys your parents/kids, if desired. travel and lodging are on you. You decide! "

seriously? someone can pay $1500 in order to get the priviledge to THEN pay for some other peoples holiday? I think you might want to rethink some of your perks?

Good luck with that though
hi fuzz!

it´s not only the dolby mix, it´s also the "cleaning" of the interviews, the picture editing, the marketing, the festival submissions etc etc. I think, it´s useless to work 2 1/2 years for a documentary, and then finally release it unfinished.

that´s correct, most of the artists don´t even have one minute screen time. it´s about the story, not about the people. the editing was hard work, as there were many nice artists, which simply do not fit into the storyline with their interviews, and had therefore sorted out. which was very sad wotk, but the importance of the functional storyline is most important.

and the peaks, well, if you read some of them, you will recognize that you don´t have to take them dead serious...;-) it would be nice if some people pay for the movie, that´s all.

thx and greets!