Ey there fellas, I just decided to stop by to my local guitar shop for buying new strings and noticed that some guy put down a clean, barely used, mint clean Maxon OD9 with the Analogman Silver mod, for around like 130$ or something. (when converted to dollars from Turkish liras)

I was thinking of getting rid of the ISP Fetish OD/Booster I'm currently using, since I changed my amplifier back a year ago, I don't even use the FAT knob to compensate for the lack of low end from my old combo ENGL Screamer, I don't even need it with my 5150 head + cab atm. I even noticed that I could use a little bit of low cut/mid hump from the tubescreamers as they are known for.

I'm going to use the TS for purely boosting the high-gain channel for tightening/saturating the tone, and not as a stand-alone overdrive unit as itself.

How does the stock OD9 compare to the Analogman Silver modded OD9 in terms of tight-metal-boosting tones ? Or am I better off getting a stock OD808/TS808 or something else like that from other brands?

Thanks in advance.

And sorry for popping up another thread like this that has been discussed for 1237812312 times, I'm currently a bit short on time and frightened that it might get sold fast.
*chugga chugga chuggity chug chug chug*