So I am trying to downsize my amp. Until I bought what I have now I have always used combos, that is just what I am used to and to me its more convenient. Also my my band is on the hunt for a new practice spot, so I may need to store my amp at my house for a while and I have no where to store a half stack. So anyway I am trying to sell the halfstack or trade for a 2x12 combo. Someone recently offered me a Mesa 5:50 Express 2x12 for my Laney Vh100R. Do you think this is a good trade. I don't have any experience with that amp or most Mesa's really. I play hard rock but I use od and distortion pedals for my distortion sounds so all I really need is an amp with a great clean channel that takes pedals well.
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I have no idea how the Mesa will sound compared to your Laney but a quick comparison on Google shows they're roughly equal in price.
I'm not a Mesa fanatic, but I would take that trade in a heartbeat. I've played both amps before, and IMO the Mesa sounds SO much more detailed and has a much greater tonal variety than the Laney.
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