After I went to the first gig I chose (I went to loads of gigs with my dad), I started pinning my old gig tickets to a magnetic whiteboard in my room. I want to get a proper album sort of thing to put them all in. What does the Pit do with theirs?

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In an old backpack in an envelope with all the other old gig tickets.

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I've got a Led Zeppelin gig from Earl's Court 1975 ticket that my mum gave me lying around.
I also pinned my own concert tickets to a board, but i think i've lost my Primus one
They're just around, i guess.
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I put them in the bin. I'm not the sentimental type
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in a wooden box.
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Used to have them stuck to my wall, but then one got ripped so I just put them in a tin with my festival bands.
I put them in a big frame and hung it on my wall.
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frame them on my wall
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