As most of you know, I have this old Squier that I keep modding in different ways just because I can. I have modded it for a 3ed time, with a SSS pickup configuration. Since nobody would buy my BKP Trilogy Suites, I decided to put my Squier back together putting the middle Trilogy Suite in the bridge. To fill in the middle position, since I only have two TS's, I used one of the old Squier single coils I had lying around.

This is what it looks like now.

And this is what the bridge position sounds like..I'll add more sound clips today, but I have school here soon. The 1 meg volume pot makes everything really bright.


I'm actually liking this set up, I've always wanted a SSS strat.

Praise the Squier for it's almightyness! It's like a NGD...but not a NGD.
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I see what you did ter

I love the sound of those BKP LS, they sound pretty powerful for singles :3

And i still believe that if a Squier feels good enough to you or more than good enough then it's all worth modding it
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