Hi all!

First time ive been on here for ages, but i just picked up a new guitar so i thought i'd pop back

The other day i decided i'd gone too long without a steel string acoustic and seeing as im doing a music course at college, i need it, so i bid on an acoustic needing work on ebay.

Won it for £16, went to pick it up yesterday.

As you may have noticed, its got a hole in the side, which according to the previous owner was apparently caused by his brother and a BMX peg, but i have all the gear i need to repair that hole so no problems there!

Looks green in that photo but the sides are blue, like the front.

The action was (no sarcasm here) around 6 - 7mm from the fretboard by the time it reached the end of the neck, if that makes any sense, highest action ive ever seen on an acoustic. I meant to photograph it but i forgot until after i'd removed the strings to inspect the bridge.

All in all, this needs a good repair and go over. I'll probably sand the scratches out of the front, repair the hole, scrape the fingerboard, oil it , polish the frets and lower the action of course.

Shouldnt cost me anything bar the cost of some consumables, and a set of strings and maybe some stain for the veneer over the repaired hole!

I hope you approve nonetheless and i hope this isnt too dull for this section, i shall update soon enough!