Hi all,

I have all the Evolution set ( HB, S, HB ) but I don't like the lows in them, I opened the guitar to check the connections and I saw it has a capacitor in it. I don't know the exact capacitance of it but my question is:

Do the evolution pickups need a capacitor ?!

I think that a good pickup will have everything that it requires to work, no need to hack it with external capacitors to make it work as it should!, otherwise it should come with at least a table that says which capacitors to use or something!

So, do you guys think my problem with the low freqs. has any relation with the cap ?, can I just remove it !?

If for some reason it's wired between the hot leads of the pickup and switch or switch and volume pot (depends on how the guitar is wired) then yes it can filter out some of the lows that the pickups produce. I've purposefully done this mod to a Tone Zone which was too bassy in the bridge position. This isn't a standard wiring on any guitar I know of unless it's happens to be a custom shop model.

Of course you'll always have a capacitor on the tone pot so if it's wired to that, then it is correct.
Unless you did something real goofy to the wiring it's the tone cap. The tone knob and cap constitute a low pass filter - so it doesn't have any effect on the low end.
there should be (as far as I can tell from wiring diagrams) 2 caps as it looks like the s470 comes with a treble bleed as standard
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Here is the info:
Capacitor: 0.022 uF Polyester Film/foil, 223J100V
Tone pot: D500K ohms

The cap is connected to the terminal 1 of the tone pot and then to ground, on terminal 2 of the tone pot goes a cable to terminal 3 of the volume pot, and on that terminal 3 of vol pot also goes a cable to common 1 of the 5 way switch ( 4th terminal of the switch )

The problem is that all the pickups of this guitar have very strong LOW frequencies, seems like there is a filter that only passes low frequencies or something like that.

Is the value of the pot ok ?, what values can be used for higher frequencies ?, can it be that the cap is damaged ?