My brother bought one of those cheap RG-lookalike Ibanezes and it has a crappy neck. He bought it from eBay so it's not like there's a factory warranty. I have an RG, and the necks look and feel similar (shape-wise, the one on his looks very cheap), will RG necks fit? He said the model is: Gs101005285, that's what the back of the headstock says, and the front says Gio above the Ibanez logo.

Would this neck work:


And if not, can someone point me in the right direction for him?
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What's wrong with the current neck? the one you linked to is a cheap Chinese neck, which is basically what is on the Gio anyway. They don't give much info on the neck either. It's a 22 fret neck which may work but they don't give the scale length and without knowing exactly what guitar he has it's hard to figure out what it's scale length is either.

Just looking at a few SA and GIO models they both seems to have 25.5" scales with 22 frets so it would probably fit. You also need to pay attention to whether the current guitar has a locking tremolo that needs a locking nut on the neck because the SA neck linked does not have a locking nut.
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For what will be about $100 overall to get a neck that may well have many of the same problems, it's likely not worth it.

Find a guitar tech or luthier and get a quote to have the frets redressed and the neck tidied up, shouldn't come to more that $150 and will actually solve some of the issues rather than gamble of getting a different neck with the same issues.
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He had it setup at our local music store and the guy told him the frets, I believe the 12th and maybe a few others in the area, are "coming up". IDK full details, but he said the guy at the store said its gonna be a lot to fix, unless my brother just THINKS it'd be an expensive fix and thinks a new neck is cheaper. Also I'm not sure our local store does neck work, so that might have been it. Like I said, I dont know full details of it, he just aske me to find a neck for his guitar. I think he only paid $200 for the guitar, and he's looking at necks that are like $179. I said just buy a new $200 guitar. He got a defective one but kept putting off calling Ibanez for a warranty replacement, and now he's trying to replace the neck. Doesn't make much sense to me. I'd buy another 1 of the guitars for $20 more than a neck, and then if there we're a defect use the warranty from Ibanez for a new guitar til I got a good one. I don't see the point in a $180 neck on a $200 guitar. But he's odd like that lol.

So let's say he DOES follow through with a new neck, can anyone link me to a source for one that fits that guitar?
"Space may be the final frontier
But it's made in a hollywood basement."