Been playing with D'Addarios for a while, not sure what type exactly but they were very thick and hard to bend whilst in halfstep down and gave a very deep bassy sound. Im looking for lighter strings for hard rock/metal acoustic songs, I want to learn some acoustic solos, for example in Used To Love Her by Guns N Roses or *****house Blues by Motorhead which im pretty sure are in half step down.

Basically i have virtually no knowledge of acoustic string types and gauges etc and want something easy to bend that will help get a sound like those two songs
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I've never played anything but Elixir because I love them.
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Earthwood lights. Although Elixir are really good strings, I only use them for my electric.
Earthwood's will forever remain my acoustic strings.
Elixirs are pretty good and will last a long time, but are also really bright. Personally, I use D'Addario 80-20 .12s because they have a nice balance to them (i.e. comparable bass, mid, and highs).

Regardless of our personal tastes, try going with .12s, as they won't have any effect regarding tension yet will be easier to bend that .13s. Advice beyond that requires an overview of what music you play/intend to play.
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For the past couple of months I've been using Martin SP 80/20 strings. I've been a fan of 80/20 strings for a while, and I just find that I like the tone and feel of the Martin strings more than anything else. I've tried D'Addario, DR, Ernie Ball, etc. But at the end of the day, I tend to always go back to the Martin SPs.
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I've said before that if you ask 100 guitar players about strings, you'll probably get 100 answers. Most will unhesitatingly recommend whatever they have on the guitar at the moment.
Basic stuff:

Strings come in gauges, usually Light, Medium, and Heavy. For most acoustic guitars, you will be using either light or medium gauge strings.
Lights are necessary for many small-bodied or lightly-braced guitars; the manufacturer will tell you to avoid anything heavier.
Most dreadnaught-sized instruments will sound better with a medium-gauge string.
Hardly anyone uses heavy strings, though they may be useful if you seriously down-tune the instrument.

All the unwound strings and all the cores of the wound strings are made of industry-standard "music wire". Hardly any difference.
The windings are made of various alloys of brass or bronze. The various manufacturers make up different alloys for different effects.
You have "brass", "bronze", "phosphor bronze", "copper" (actually, bronze with a little more copper...) and so forth.
Brass tends to be a little brighter, bronze a little less so, etc.

The popular coated strings like Elixirs are just normal strings with a polymer coating to resist corrosion and the buildup of crud in between windings. As a result, they last longer.
They also cost more.... Some love 'em, some don't.
All the major manufacturers make a coated string.

Strings are cheap enough to experiment with. You should be changing them fairly often anyway.... Try different ones out.
As far as your actual playing ease goes, it's much more important to have the guitar set up properly than what string you use.