Goes the butchers knife.
As it hit the hard exterior
of his former ex-wife.
See, she wouldn't let him be,
always on to him for cash,
she left him, hated him for it,
after their marriage had crashed.
So he gave it to her.

Sliced her like a kebab,
like out-of-date meat,
unlike any fresh produce,
served on skewers in crete.
Buried her under the street.
Digging graves in the sleet.
Lieing under his feet,
and 5 metres of tar,
and cement and brick.
Just another body in his premises.
A skeleton in his closet.
Just, his closet was full.

He draws another line,
on his evil tally chart,
another to his list,
of those he tore apart.
I definitely like the imagery and the ending is perfectly haunting. First, I would remove the word "See" from the first verse. and I would say "he hated her for it" or something more powerful like "she left him, igniting his vengence"

I think the second verse needs revising. I can tell you were forcing rhymes that you don't need at all. Rhymes were not a theme in the first verse so there is no need to make it a theme in the second, similar verse. I say lose the rhyming and really inject some soul into it through strong verbs and enhance the already strong imagery.

The ending was AWESOME. Love it!

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