What do you wear when you're home?

I personally never wear socks at home, even when it's freezing. I usually go with jean-shorts, shirtless but with a khalat.
Loose ass sweatpants, shirts that are 10+ years old.
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basketball shorts, sleeveless shirt, no socks.

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I don't usually wear socks because they're a rare commodity at home. My brothers take mine when laundry is done. I wear pants I don't normally wear outside and old t-shirts.
Pajama pants 100% of time (at home only, obviously). I wish I was joking, but there's nothing more comfortable than that.

Also socks all the time. There could be anything on these floors. And pants + no socks feels weird.
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I have school most mornings, so whatever I wore there.

If I don't go anywhere I will wear basketball shorts and a t-shirt, or hoodie. I always wear socks. All of my house has tile or hardwood flooring, so the floor is fairly cold and I hate the feel of it on my bare feet.

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Whatever I went to class in, or boxers and a Tshirt if I've just gotten up. If it's colder I'll start putting on pants, thermals, etc. If it gets hotter I end up nakeder.

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Of my at-home time...
40% of the time I'm naked
50% of the time I have gym shorts and a t-shirt
10% of the time I'm dressed like normal because I'm either just getting home or just about to leave.
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sleeveless/collarless shirt, boxers, comfy wool socks
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A pair of basketball shorts. Occasionally an old shirt, but only when mom's boyfriend's brothers come to dinner.
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Anything loose that I don't wear when going out.
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Fall/Winter: Pajama bottoms and a white t shirt.

Spring/Summer: Gym shorts and a white t shirt.
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shorts t shirt and socks.

jean shorts? what are you from arrested development or some shit

Used to be my best jeans and I liked them a lot, but they were so old and had holes in them, so I figured I'd shorten them a bit and wear at home.