so, clasm8 finaly got me to understand clasical. ive bin practicin in that position, with my left foot on top of a pile of CDs, .. buuut what if i have no footrest? like im in the classroom or downstairs or anywhere else, playin in casual is already weird for me..
You could always cross your right leg over your left and hold it like that. It's a slight modification to the casual position that gives you most of the same benefits as holding the guitar in the casual position.
It can be done without a footrest. You can also "stand" on your toe with your left foot, but your foot gets tired quite quickly.

So if you are going to practice for a while, make sure you have something to rest your foot on.
yea i tried that, and ur right, hahaha. i dont have a footrest ehh. and i think carrying a box around is too big

that would be my plan b, haha
Agreed. If I don't have a footrest, I use my modified casual position, like I mentioned. When I have a footrest, I use the classical position.
Quote by isaac_bandits
Put the your rightfoot on the ground sideways and put your left foot on top of it.

my foot naturally slants when it's placed on the side. less tiresome (but hurts more) and higher than the tiptoe.. thank you!~
I just use my amp, I guess it wouldnt work if you have a halfstack or something
Yeah, there's a whole bunch of things around the right height.

If not, cross right leg over left to raise the guitar a little. Classical hand position doesn't necessarily mean you have to get a footstool and a nylon string.