Hi guys whilst looking for a new guitar i stumbled across a company called Halo Guitars- after looking through their website i realised their custom shop is pretty cheap compared to bigger companies like Schecter-

Are Halo guitars any good & what are their stock pickups like?

Heres the link:

My friend has the 7 string telecaster with the emgs. Great guitar Built beautifully I would recommend. Not quite sure about the stock pickups sorry!
okay i found a review featuring the stock pickups & they seem pretty damn good for stocks :P
some of the guitars look pretty good. If you could pick, any one with the Floyd Rose is the way to go. I've heard that the Reapers are a great buy.
haha yeah i found the reaper but cuz im a lefty it'd have to be custom shop... no problem though the customs r like £1000 cheaper than any other custom