So, let's just jump into pictures immediately:

A Vox AC15C1!

So, some of you might remember my "What amplifier?" thread a while back and I want to thank everyone again for the suggestions. I went to play everything I could, but in the end, my love for the Vox AC15C1 (and of new stuff.. ) convinced me to get it.

Now for a little review (& click links for clips!):

First of all, it's, incredibly handy to move and such and I'm glad it's not ridiculously loud. It's plenty to rehearse, but contradictory to the halfstack I had, I can actually play it at home without blowing my ears off. It's also pretty light (my 100w head weighed more, not to speak of the cab) and while still not little, it's pretty portable.

Now for sound:
The cleans are great! I love the warmness it has, while still remaining fresh. I mostly play cleans, so cleans were really important and the Vox certainly gives me what I want.

I also play mildly overdriven (no clip, I'm sorry =D) stuff and it still handles that very well, but where it really shines, is in the overdrive, in my opinion. Instant classic rock, but even though it's not the most modern styled amp, it still handles Foo Fighters and such good as well.

A nice added feature - which also persuaded me - is the tremolo . I never really liked it (probably because my first encounter with it was the built-in tremolo in a Spider II), but now, I do. It adds a little subtlety to chords, but one of my favorite songs uses it as well.

And as the title says, I also bought a pedal...

An EHX Deluxe Memory Boy!

I really never cared for delay, but now that I have it, I couldn't really give it up. It gives the sound a fulness, or it's just a nice effect.

There was a more expensive version as well, but sound-wise, it wasn't really much different, and feature-wise, it only had an extra out for a tap-switch (to switch between the tap divide), which I didn't really see use for, so I saved myself about 220 euros and bought the cheaper version.

It's nice and can do a lot, but I have yet to figure it out to get the best out of it. The rate, depth, feedback and delay knobs can be controlled through footswitch if you connect one and it also has a blend and a gain knob.

I really like a deep delay for when I play cleans, but a subtle delay with my Big Muff Pi really works very well.

I don't really use it for crazy stuff yet, but if I get an expression pedal, I'll probably play around with the feedback.

So I can now call myself the proud (disregard the MT-2 for that matter) owner of all of this:


I bought a Vox AC15C1 and I love it and I really really like the EHX Memory Boy deluxe. Pics are above and here are all clips embedded in my text:

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Lovely rig.

Also, it's Deluxe Memory Boy, not Memory Boy Deluxe. It's supposed to be a play on the Deluxe Memory Man, which is EHX's flagship delay.
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Lovely rig.

Also, it's Deluxe Memory Boy, not Memory Boy Deluxe. It's supposed to be a play on the Deluxe Memory Man, which is EHX's flagship delay.

Thanks. I always found "deluxe" to be a word to put after everything else, but I edited it. ;P
HNAD! My rig is pretty similar to yours, I've got an AC15C1 and Big Muff.