I don't know if this is the right place to post but what the heck, I've been thinking about this for a very long time.

I have played guitar for about 1 year and 2 mounth this February and I started in a music highschool last August. When I first played guitar, I was self-learned, (which I kinda am now too but not only by myself) alot of people thought I was pretty bad at guitar. I started to think it too but alot changed after I started in the music highschool.

Well, this is some basic stuffs I can play on the guitar:

Styles and tricks:

Alot of chords, bar, power, rock, major/minor.
Scales, blues, pentonic etc...
Fingerpicking, pretty descent.
Alternate guitar picking, just started last friday but I'm doing good.

Some songs and riffs:

Some metallica songs but not so many solos.
Hot for teacher by van halen, intro and riffs to the verse.
Lots of nirvana songs.
Videogame music such as Mario theme/zelda etc...
Raining Blood and some other slayer riffs, no solos though.
Random metal riffs, acoustic riffs, blues riffs, hendrix riffs.
And of course, Stairway to Heaven.(Intro Only and other fiffs but no solo)

This is all I could come up at the moment. I know I'm not so good but I've started getting much better during the past 2 mounths!

What do you think of my guitar skills for a 1 year beginner? If you have any tips or stuffs I could or should learn, please tell me.

P.S I also now some music theory from school and I play in bands and make music aswell.

Thanks for reading and I hope you didn't get bored!
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Oh, I can also play bass guitar pretty good. I can play pretty fast and a little bit slapping but I don't play bass that much but I still got some skills
I would say you are doing great for 1 year of playing... but how well can you play? You said you can play Stairway To Heaven, but can you play it cleanly and without errors? Can you play the solo?

Also, you said you can play "rock chords". There is no such thing. Please describe what "rock chords" are for you.

P.S.: wrong forum section!
Also, you said you can play "rock chords". There is no such thing. Please describe what "rock chords" are for you.