Hey, I have a Peavey special 130 solo series amp. Does anyone know what tubes this amp uses? I believe it has tube pre-amps, and a solid state power.

My volume keeps fading in and out, so I think its that my tubes are old. Does anyone know what tubes to buy to replace these old ones? Please and thank you!
Between the manual and my fuzzy recollection of 80s Peavey models, I don't think there are any tubes in that amp.
Really? The thing rattles like it has tubes in it. Also, the way the volume fades in and out matches the description of tubes getting old and going bad.
If it's got tubes you should be able to see them. Some of those old peaveys have reverb tanks which can rattle as well.
Hmm, I had the Special 212 and it definately didnt have any tubes. It did have a reverb tank. you may just need to clean your volume pots with some contant cleaner..
I have a Peavey Special 130 Solo series also, the rattle has to definately be the reverb tank on the bottom of the cab. It isn't a tube amp, but it does have the sound of a tube and SS because of the saturation they added to it. Anyways, it could be fuses getting old. That happened to me and all of a sudden, bam! They either blew or burned, and I can't even find them either :/ so I'm kinda ampless. If anyone knows where they're located that'd be nice.