Hello, I am mostly a rhythm player and it's not even really a goal of mine to be able to play a bunch of solos, it doesn't interest me that much, somehow.

I've had a weird history of instruments given the metal style I've come to appreciate most, I played acoustic violin for many years, played electric violin for a couple after, then stopped with all that and started guitar, because the others just weren't as viable for what I want ultimately.

I got started with an Ibanez a few years back, played a little, but only came back to it around last May, and a couple of days ago I bought an ESP which I have a link to because I want to make a couple of references to it throughout the post. - http://www.guitarcenter.com/ESP-LTD-EX-50-Electric-Guitar-H71360-i1797712.gc

Whenever I played violin, as you might imagine, most of my practice was done standing. I didn't realize at the time when I got back into guitar that I started playing sitting down basically for all my playtime ever, which I haven't realized until now is a very bad thing for the band my brother and I are pouring a lot of time into.

Standing while playing is something that came with getting the new explorer knock-off I guess, maybe cause I didn't consider the Gio to be all that impressive or worth playing live with, I don't know. Either way, I have some problems I don't know how to overcome since I am self-taught (I claim to know nothing, only what I've figured out on my own, I've never had anyone to help me).

a) On my Ibanez, the bridge isn't nearly as much in the way as the ESP's is, and this isn't actually the problem - I've been adjusting to that, but due to this, I find it near impossible to palm mute without raising the pitch half a step, and I've tried to adjust positioning and all, but I'm just really not sure what to do about it.

b) Shifting becomes my worst nightmare while standing - I've played standing before of course, but it's something I've sort of been afraid of dealing with in the back of my head, and now I have no choice but to figure out something, and here's why - I can move one fret either direction, and I can' t control the body of the guitar at all...playing any tempo becomes a huge chore and completely unenjoyable because it's so much work to try and move the guitar back in place. I took my right arm away and just tried sliding back and forth a few frets with my left hand and it was rather absurd how much the guitar moves about, and there's seemingly nothing I can do about it. I've wondered if I'm even strong enough to be able to deal with it :\ I really don't know.

One of the things I found I could do to help issue B is that the lower I physically got to the floor (think Hetfield) the more I was able to have similar control to when I sit/play, but even then it was still just too much, and besides, if I ever got out of that position it'd be just as hard as I described above. It doesn't seem to matter how low or high up the guitar is, I have this trouble regardless (I don't have problems with my wrists like some do either).

Furthermore when I stand and play it's a lot messier (please, I know part of this is adjustment, but the above issues do not seem to relate to that at all) and when things like this come up I do not know if it is hardware, amplifiers or my own lack of knowledge that is pulling me down and I have got to try and isolate somehow or I won't ever solve the issues

Final notes (and TL;DR for some) I repeat that I don't claim to know anything and I certainly don't mean to be a nuisance, I am just honestly looking for help because I didn't know where else to go, so any feedback is welcome.
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First of all, I don't really understand how you are palm muting and raising the pitch. I would assuming you are pushing waaaaaaaaaay too hard on the strings.

For the second thing, I hold the guitar in place using my fretting hand when available and my right forearm against the body at all times. One issue might be the length of your strap. When you sit down and play, take note of where the center of the guitar is relative to your body and adjust your strap so it hangs a but lower than that when standing. Make adjustments from that. Another thing to consider is the angle you have the neck pointing.

You really just need to take time and experiment with all that stuff until you are comfortable. Don't worry about looking cool or anything. Just find where it is comfortable to play.
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A and B sound like tension problems to me. If the pitch changes half a step your pushing too hard and maybe in the wrong place. If shifting shifts your entire guitar you are most likely not releasing enough during the shift.
I rest my forearm on the body of the guitar controlling the position(using sweatbands in order to being able to move the forearm against the body), the palm and hand float free. Maybe your pressure point is the palm?