The Fender Telecaster (Mexican) (i.e. http://www.dv247.com/guitars/fender-standard-telecaster-electric-guitar-arctic-white-maple--59986)


the Fender Jaguar Blacktop HH (i.e. http://www.gak.co.uk/en/fender-blacktop-jaguar-hh-silver/41167?gclid=CJCVoZ3yka4CFVE8fAodXHgWKQ)

In your opinion which one produces the better/higher quality sound? I mainly will be using it for clean-medium distortion with a bit of reverb.

They are both about the same level in term of quality.

Do you want humbuckers or singlecoils?
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you can get a japanese-made tokai for that

just sayin'
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I've always had a thing against blacktops, i don't know why. They just seem to take the fender away from fender a bit for me (but they have sold well and people rave on about them so, i guess they're solid!).

In terms of sound 'quality'? They are gonna have two different voices, and to be honest are for different things. Honestly i'd look used for a fender, there is so many flying around. Give G&L Guitars a look as well too, basically similar to fenders but the build quality is more reliable, the tone is an evolution of the original fenders and are comfortable players. Widen your options is basically what i'm saying here
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They are both about the same level in term of quality.

Do you want humbuckers or singlecoils?

What would the sound differences be between the two?

Single coils are generally regarded as snappier and more trebly sounding while humbuckers are usually bassier and heavier sounding. Single coils are more popular with players who want clean or lightly overdriven tones. Humbuckers are usually used in heavier genres and supply a heavier output and push the amp into overdrive quicker due to higher output. All of these points were general ideas there are exceptions to both PUP's though.
James Hetfield uses hum-buckers Hendrix uses single coils, find it out for yourself
Go to a store play something with single coils. Maybe a... i dunno... MIM Fender Tele. Then through the same set up play a guitar with some humbuckers. Could be onto a winner with a Blacktop Jag HH - heard positive reports.

Decide which you prefer.
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It's all your preference. They are both good (based on my experience back in the stores.), but the Telecaster produces a more twangy sound while the Jaguar produces a more hotter output. It all depends on which genre you want to play. I recommend that you test them out yourself and see which one is better. You never know which one would be suited for you unless you play them first.