Hey guys,

So, in the last week I've been practicing less than usual because of many tests than are coming up and homework that is being given. But, in the 1 or occasional 2 hours that I can practice every day, I have suddenly exploded with ideas/material that could make me 5 /6songs. 3 for a band and 3 Joe Satriani-esque songs. Unfortunate, since I don't have a lot of time, I am unable to expand on these ideas very much and they're all just making a big mess in my mind until I finish them cos I'm scared I'll lose the ideas. I'll probably record my ideas but I want to know if this sorta thing happens to you guys and how you deal with it.
Oh yes... any time you get away from the strings your inspiration will get better whenever you do touch the buggers, bang hook after hook after hook after solo. Happens...
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