So, it's not exactly new news but some of you may not have heard about it.
I think that it's a really cool idea and looking at the demos on YouTube, they seem really cool. I generally don't like rails because of l the think that this pickup supposedly fixes but this seems really cool.
I think I might get a Reverend Sensai RA as my next guitar cos reverend have a pretty awesome reputation.
What do you guys think about these pickups?
On a similar note, what do you think about reverend guitars?
Good idea, like an extension of the dimarzio d sonic and crunchlab pickups.
I hate when pickup, amp, and speaker websites don't have sound clips. Instantly lose any interest I may have had.

He picked up a set of Railhammers recently and is currently testing them out. So far his reviews have been very good.

I really like Reverend guitars but I haven't played on any of the current models. The ones I've played are back from when production was still in the US. Still the foreign made ones do still have a good reputation. I believe they are made overseas and setup here in the states before shipping out.
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I believe Rivera made a new guitar with these in them sounds pretty good. check PremierGuitar's youtube channel for the video.
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