I make it 23:55 so only 5 minutes early

It's that time again, when Neil puts a load of stuff in a mix and the forum collectively thinks wft?
I went with a theme this time which is space. Some are just the Artist's name, some the album name, and some the track name. The only contentious one is Skywave. But I figured the Sky eventually becomes space.
No metal on this one, but truth be told I've not been listening to much of it of late, but I do have my next one planned out and that will be 100% metal, so you all have that to look forwards to.
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy, and possibly find something new that you like.


February 10 - AnnihiSlateR
February 17 - Abomination94
February 24 - Emenius Sleepus
March 2 - Butt Rayge
March 9 - rg_metal
March 16 - Helloween4Ever
March 23 - dillonrips7
March 30 - Senor Kristian
April 6 - Annihislater
April 13 - Comadre
April 20 - The Wildchild
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Up ya go...
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I want to try that while playing the opening riff to "Tempting Time".

0-0-0-13-0-0-0-0-13 or something like that alalalala but It;s so heavy and off time and awesome and you could not f**k anyone to it.

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burzum IS nazi. well, varg is.
I'll need to give it another spin, but I think the first three tracks hit home the most. It does carry across the desired ambience quite well.

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