Specifically, a Schaller STM to a Fender with 9.5" radius neck. The Schaller bridge is 14" radius.
More than likely, it would be a mess with the difference between the bridge and neck radius. Whereas the bridge is much more flat, it's going to put the strings much closer to the middle of the fretboard, and the strings toward both edges of the neck will have higher action compared to their distance from the fretboard. Just try looking for a TOM that matches the neck radius on ebay or somewhere. I know there have been other Fenders (Jaguars, I think) that have had TOM's.
Yeah, gypsy's right. Your action near the nut will remain relatively unchanged, but as you get down the neck the center strings (D and G in standard tuning) will stay at the correct height off the fretboard, but the outside strings (E and e in standard tuning) will get further from the fretboard, unless your fretboard has a compound radius (where the fretboard has a larger radius at one end than the other) but I don't think Fender ever put a compound radius fretboard on the strat. If you can find a 9.5" radius roller TOM, that would be ideal (though you will still have to recess the bridge into the body since TOM's are tall bridges and strats have no neck angle) but I've never seen one. Alternatively, you could get a regular TOM and file the saddles to the correct heights.
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