I have been bouncing around guitar stores looking to replace my entire rig after doing the right thing and waiting for the checks to come in (don't ask we've been waiting on the one since December, if we had gotten it I wouldn't have gotten this deal).

I went to a local music store that ever carries a ton of stuff and mainly deals in band instruments. Their guitar selection is around 6 items, maybe up to 10. They had gotten in a Gibson SG in a lovely cherry red. It was used (not a huge deal) for about 550 US. The thing was a dream to play (I was surprised it was so good to play, I'm not a huge Gibson fan) and sounded quite good. Would this be a worthwhile purchase for the money?

Also one of my first guitars was an Epi LP Special II. I know this thing is one of the lowest end guitars on the market and the neck was like a bat. When you get a non-lp model or something nicer does the neck thin out if I'm looking at like an SG or an explorer? Or would I be better off still going with a Jackson or LTD if I can't get the Gibson?
SG's usually have largish necks. Gibson 50's style I think they are called.
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A standard? Special?

They are usually '50s style necks - although some have the '60s slim taper.

If it's a Standard and you like the feel of it then I'd say buy.
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They didn't tell me what model it was, they just showed it to me and told me the price, and let me test it. Sadly I was doing this on my way to work so time wasn't exactly on my side, the neck was comfortable comparable to a schecter. It had just been professionally set up too.

Also I'm never going to any of the pawn shops by me for shopping again. The one had a guitar overpriced by a long shot. They had a mid-level BC Rich with one swapped pup to an EMG I couldn't tell what it was though. They were selling it for almost what it sells for new. I could understand if it had a full set of EMGs (or better) in it or some other mods, but that it was it. They seriously need to learn pricing. Another by me had every floyded model set up so poorly it wasn't even funny.
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The standard has the trapezoid (block-like) inlays on the fret board and (usually) chrome plated pickups whereas the Special has dot markers on the fret board and (usually) open humbuckers.
It's an opinion. It's subjective. And I'm right, anyway.
It was the special, it had dots and open pups. Still worth it? I know this is odd, but the store I'm talking about is a tad odd. They are not a guitar dealer its used only, and they don't do any tech work. I've just been testing dozens of models over the past few weeks and have liked a lot of them. The SG is a little out of my budget (though I'm sure I can talk my wife into it). I just didn't know how thin the necks got on the explorer (especially the ibby one). Sadly the only place to test one is around 40 minutes away so driving to test is a pain.
Not sure what the used prices are like in your part of the world (US?).

Are you specifically after a thin neck?
Explorers tend to have a slightly shallower necks, although it's been a while since I played one.
It's an opinion. It's subjective. And I'm right, anyway.
I'm after a neck on the thinner side, but the SG felt good, I just don't want one that is super thick. I just want something mid thickness to a little on the thin side, so its comfortable.