You all know me. I'm Kelly22 and I've provided you all with quite the experience for a long time now. However, I'm willing to change my ways.

I wish to become a regular user. I'll seldom post and mainly talk about guitars, since I'm also a guitarist/bassist. I'll be tolerable, friendly, contributive and an outstanding user who'll be great friends with you all while being mindful of the rules. If the mods wish to accept me, I'll do what I've just said. However...

If this account is banned, be prepared. I'll come down on the forums hard. They'll be more dicks on this site than tabs, more breasts than mp3 uploads. I'll put regular pornography sites to shame with the stuff I will do to UG. You'll all regret banning this account in due time.

So I leave this up to you, fellow mods and admins. Will you accept me? I'm logging off right after this post. Hopefully, we can all cooperate.

More breasts? Im in.

But arent you an adbot or something
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Don't think I've ever been sigged.

I pretty much never leave the drug thread anymore.
So either we get one more droolish member into the board or we get dicks

Derpy Derp Derp Herp Derp