Hi all, got a few questions as I am considering turning my 6505+ combo into a head. I have seen some videos on Youtube that people have done the same thing and it looks to be worth me doing.

Basically it is a pain in the ass lugging the combo around everywhere so I would much rather have a head to use with it, however the heads are around £1000 so it makes more sense I think to remove the amp from the combo and put it in a head box to use as a head. That way I can just take that to band practices etc and I can still plug it into the 1x12 speaker in the combo for home practices.

How should I go about this? I am a uni student with very limited DIY skills so if I go ahead with this I would ask my Dad to help out.

I have found the parts I would need (8 corners, tolex, 4 feet, a handle) and it will cost about £50, minus the wood.

So my questions are:

Does what I am planning on doing make sense or is it stupid for reasons I have not thought about?
What kind of wood should I use?
Does anyone know if there are any online guides on how to DIY it?
Anything else I should consider?

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Well I'm thinking about doing the same thing with my 6505 2x12 combo. Ill let you know how it turns out
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It's a pretty simple, straight forward process. As far as wood, the "premier" choice is marine grade 13-ply birch but simple plywood (with a finished side) will do just fine since it's just a head enclosure. 1/2" is ideal but you can go down to 3/8" or up to 3/4" without a problem. Personally I wouldn't recommend 3/8" but it will work if you can't find anything else.

Just build a simple butt joint box big enough for the chassis. Take a 1/2" square stick and run it down the 'seams' of the box where the sides come together. Glue the butt joint together, put some glue on the stick, and screw the stick and sides together (from the inside). If you screw from the outside you have to worry about countersinking and filling the hole with putty.

Tolex... you'll probably need some practice. It's pretty simple and straight forward but the corners are a challenge for a lot of people. There's a few decent guides on how to do corners across the net.
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