That was something I thought, but looking closely the one in the video has what appears to be a yellowish charcoal kind of color
I'm kind of like you...the Black Gold looks close, but I'm not 100% sure that's it either. I don't think it's a Tiger Eye, although that possibility came to mind as well.
Personally, based on my knowledge on guitar finishes, it'd have to be a natural-color sunburst-ish orange finish. But that's just me. I'd recommend that you check the official website (if you can find one) to check the guitar's info. That's how I do it.
It's probably black gold. You guys are reading too much into it, IMO. Every finish, especially on a guitar like a PRS, is different. Every actual guitar is going to look different to a certain extent from some random stock photo.
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If anything that photo is unusually dark for a PRS Black Gold finish. The one in the video is definitely Black Gold. The next closest thing is Tiger, which is more orange and brighter (and rarely used on tops with such wide figuring).
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