Poll: Which string brand is best?
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Fender Super Bullets
2 13%
D'Addario XL's
6 38%
Ernie Ball Reg. Slinkys
7 44%
Dean Markley Blue Steel
0 0%
Gibson Strings
0 0%
Other (Please specify, and L&M has NO Dunlops!)
1 6%
Voters: 16.
Hey guys,

I know this is kinda late, but 2012 is here! Also, this is my first thread ever since I took a big break (no kidding!) from UG. So, here I am, at it again.

I'm currently satisfied with my Fender Jaguar HH. Pretty much, my guitar is holding up, and I've managed to learn how to string a guitar without professional assistance. But the problem here is, I need to know which string brand would most likely hold up best for me.
This is my information:
Music genre major is Shred Metal, and minor is blues rock.
String gauge I use is 10-46, and I currently have Fender Super Bullets on my guitar.
Long & McQuade unfortunately does NOT sell Dunlop strings.
My hands are very strong, and I'm concerned about how long my strings would last.
Also, guitar intonation is another one of my major factors.

Please help me! Which of the string brands above should I use for my preference?

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Earnies all the way, I've tried all the strings you have up there and they are best for me, super slinkies are good if you do a lot of bending but it sounds like the heavy top slinky bottom would better suit your music style. Well thats my opinion
Ok, just so that we're on the same page here, this thread is about what strings you need for your guitar, right?

Well, the answer is personal preference. How long strings "hold up" and which strings "hold up" longer is entirely dependent on the individual guitar and the player (i.e. you).

What I can objectively say is that you are probably looking for Nickel Plated Steel, as opposed to stainless steel (brighter, possibly longer life, more finger noise) or pure nickel (really mellow), and round wound, as opposed to flatwound, strings.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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I voted D'addario, but I really prefer DR for my 6 strings.
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Dadarios last longer than Ernie balls IMO.
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If you want strings that last longer than anything else then your choices come down to Ernie Ball Coated Titanium or Dean Markley Blue Steel strings. Those two last about three times longer than any other sring you can commonly find. They are, however, more expensive than most other brands/styles of string and they can sound a little brittle and overly bright when played clean; under distortion, all strings sounds more or less the same other than flatwounds.

That said, I have guitars with regular Ernie Ball strings on that have had the same set for over two years straight now. Two years, no breakages. In fact the only time I've ever had any strings break have been when the guitar's been set up poorly. It really doesn't matter how heavy-handed you are or what your playing style is, so long as your guitar is in decent condition and set up right then you shouldn't have a problem with strings breaking.
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I'm seeing a bit of a competition between Ernie Balls and D'Addario XL's right now. The rest would be my preference, then. Thanks for the suggestions, guys.