If you are referring to the mixing aspect of the song, it could be very subjective. Some people may say that the song sounds distant because of the reverb, while others may say that it suits the song. I think everything sounds too far away and impersonal. I would try close micing the guitar with 2 mics, maybe 12th fret and one just past the sound hole. Then apply reverb to taste. Try to get a more personal vocal take (singing closer to mic) as well and then experiment with having guitar/vox at different reverb levels...It sounds amateur because the room you recorded is kind of brittle sounding, there is no warmth. It's a nice acoustic guitar sound, but you should just experiment with different mic setups...otherwise, it's fun to listen to.
Thank you for the feedback, I agree with it sounding too distant but he wanted an older roomy sound. Think the black keys for an example. But that is a good idea doubling mics on an acuoustic. This all happened in about 3 hours.
If you are in a project studio and using a decent DAW, I would suggest recording as dry as possible and then using a reverb plugin to add the distance. If you are going for a black keys sound, maybe use a little spring reverb to get that old classic vibe.