So the tuners on my strat buzz a lot and I want new ones (thinking vintage style like my mustang has).

The thing is, the screws on the new tuners will be in a different spot, and I'm not sure if they'll have the right diameter.

My strat is a 94 or 95 MIM Squier Series MN5xxxxx if that helps, and the new tuners are 11/32


Thanks a bunch
Between drilling and bushings you should be fine.

Can't imagine why you'd want Mustang tuners on anything. I wish my Mustang had modern locking tuners like I put on my Squier Strat.

Got the Fender/Schaller lockers like they put on MIA Deluxes and now the Squier palys better than my MIA Strat. Just had to drill 2 small holes per tuner since they have 2 locating pins each instead of 1 each. 12 minute job.

Yeah, the vintage knobs look neat, but they're not very functional.

Just my $.02.