Hey guys,

I recently got my hands on a Crate Vintage Club 50 combo. When I bought it, it made no sound- one $1.20 fuse later, it's almost louder than I need. Given how rough it looks, and by inference, how poorly it was taken care of, I figured that wasn't all that was wrong with it. And I was right.

The level pot on the drive channel was scratchy. There seemed to be some tube rattle. The last few times I've used it (minus the most recent), after about 15 minutes it would start popping and crackling. The noise was loud, and not affected by the volume controls. So I figured I'd bust it open and replace the tubes. Given that I'm a cheap bastard though, I figured I'd play the thing once it was out of the cab, with the lights out, to see if I could confirm any sort of short in the tubes, or at least duplicate the issue.

I played for an hour and a half straight tonight. No pops. No crackling. No rattle. Not even a scratchy level pot. And I tried to get all of these things to happen. Other than the amp and speaker being out of the cab, the only thing I changed is that I tightened the positive connector to the speaker- it was a little loose. Could that loose connection have caused any of those things?

That's the only thing I changed, and the problem's gone. I just don't understand how, now that I have the thing apart enough to fix whatever's wrong, the problems stop happening. :/
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