Verse 1:
What I give to you is not charity
But truth on what I feel
I wish you would return yours
But I understand I cannot control you
As you wished to have power over me
Rather than feel for me

Verse 2:
I miss the thought I shared with you
Holding a light to the lunar eclipse
While saying that I love you
You say you thought you did too
When I have real as life heartache
I wish I could but I just can't

(EDIT: You thought you too
But I have real as life heartache
I wish, but can't)

Verse 3:
How I see you everday
And I ache everyday
Aching as you did
I do everything
To move on from your stare
Tired and drained
Yet you still do your work
Working to crumble me
Because you want me
Down to your level
Trying to bring me down
But I will not give

In winter morning I mourn
For the grief of losing you
What I gave is lost
But I still love you
Last edited by Myaccount876 at Apr 14, 2012,
'You say you thought you did too'
'When I have real as life heartache'
'I wish I could but I just can't'

very wordy.


ex. You felt it but lay there hesitant
While the heartache pierced through the skin
Thus letting it go all together
Thanks, just was trying to be a little wordy, but I do like the suggestion more. I'll just slightly modify the suggestion to make it my own.