After seeing my classmates crazy cocobolo fretboard last semester I had to give it a shot myself.

I picked this board up a couple days ago for pretty cheap at Tropical Exotic Hardwoods in Carlsbad CA (for those of you in San Diego). They had tons of cocobolo in all shapes and sizes. It didn't take long to find some highly figured pieces in the size range I needed. I settled on this one. There were some larger pieces that had some unbelievable figure, but cost more than I could spend at the time.

They also had a huge amount of fretboard blanks, but most had pretty straight figure. I wanted to mill it myself anyway

I got four blanks and have a 15"x5" piece left over to play with.

One side of the board was clearly better than the other, but still not bad looking pieces. I kinda like the sap wood running through the piece.

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