Really man, that needs a lot of work. Why aren't there any drums on it?
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You'll probably get a more detailed breakdown in the crit my mix thread. A lot of the guys who regular that thread really know what they're talking about.

But since I'm feeling in a non-dickish mood for once, I'll tell you roughly what's wrong with this.

The guitar would maybe work in a black metal band, however for a rock song this is far too buzz saw like to sound good (how did you record them?) and you've only tracked it once, pretty much everyone records at least two takes and pan them. The bass takes up far too many frequencies and thus over takes everything.

I'm tempted to say that you've not EQ'd the instruments into their own space at all.
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It's recorded through some lower end dynamic mics onto a zoom r16, the guitar is running through a Fender frontman 15watt. I'm going to try and get the guitarist to roll off the high freq a bit and roll off the distortion a bit.

And theres no drums because our drummer was a narcoleptic so we're inbetween drummers at the moment.

And I'm still learning the whole mixing proccess as this is my first multi-tracker so I'm trying to eq things into their own space, but I'm clearly failing to do that, I'll go back to listing to other mixes and try to emulate them, maybe read more on the subject.

Also going to get an sm57. Maybe two.
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Please post in the correct place (the Crit My Mix sticky at the top of the forum).
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