I use iRig and use Garageband's amps, but I can't find any of the sounds usable. They are harsh. muffled, digital.

What does everyone else use to connect their guitar to Garageband?
I use the amp sims and effects on a Zoom G3 and then record it via a USB connection to the computer. Sounds great, and works like a dream.
i use my boss me-25 through the usb.. but the best thing too use is an audio interface
I just got the iRiffPort. It's much better than the iRig. I think AmpKit sounds better than Garage Band. I'm on an ipad2/iphone here.
Either direct through an M-Audio Fasttrack and use Amplitube 3+LAConvolver, or mic my amp with an SM57 and go through the M-Audio. No Garageband though, Logic Pro9 FTW.