I see ppl playing guitar and there's a 'band' around it, I don't know what it's called. Looks like it cuts off part of the neck and you play the part closer to you, if that makes sense.(can you tell I'm not a guitarist?). Anyway, what is that bar, why is it used, is it easier to play with half the neck blocked? I'd like to know, if anyone can tell me...every time I try to learn I wind up with sliced fingers and I'm wondering if this might help somehow....I love writing lyrics but would really like to learn guitar and put some music to my words. Thanks all
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Im assuming its a capo that you're talking about. It just presses on the frets so its easier to have the guitar in differeny keys.
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Its a capo, they don't make playing the guitar easier, they just allow you to use certain chord shapes in different keys. If you're imaginative with them you can get some great sounds, but no, they will not make learning or playing the guitar easier
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wow, fast replies! Thank you...I was kind of hoping it made playing a bit easier on the fingers, but oh well, lol. I guess I'll keep trying, I just wish it didn't hurt my fingers so much...I'm probably better with lyrics anyways
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