I'm studying abroad this semester and didn't have a guitar with me, so I bought a little cheapy floor model acoustic I saw at a shop. Specifically, this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6vEwy7ysdk

It plays great and sounds great, with one exception...I can't tune my D string. When I try to tune it up, I hear a snapping/popping noise and the string loosens. On my tuner once it reaches about B# or C, that's when it snaps back to A or something. The little rotating peg the strings go through goes back a centimeter instead of continuing forward to tune.

How the heck do I tune it? Is it something with the strings, the guitar itself, or..?
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It's the tuner. Take it back and get them to fix it or give you a different guitar.
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Agreed ... bad tuner. Take it back.
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before you take it back, why not see if there's a screw you can tighten on that tuner. if not, take it back.
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