Hey guys,

I've recently been getting into bands such as toe, This will Destroy You, Russian Circles, etc. Over the past few days I've been working on this song. I'd like to know what you guys think since I'm kinda new to this genre of music (I usually write metal).

It's not near completion yet as you will see from bar 100+ but feel free to share where you'd like to see this song go after said bar. I'm open to any advice, suggestions, feedback you may have!

GumBalls (working title).gp5
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Well, for the most part I like what you got there. Just a few problems. For one, the transitions. A lot of times you have just an empty bar before going into a new measure and that doesn't really fit all the time. Bar 35-42 just didn't really fit with the song either and then the transition from that to the next section just didn't flow well at all. Also, the song just seems empty at times. Maybe add some bass to it or something?

I like what you got so far, its just the transitions are kind of bad and at times it just seems like different riff ideas put together.

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