was changing the base plate on hum bucker and as i was re soldering the grounded wire it came loose from its soldering at the other end , only problem ive got no idea where its meant to go , tryed googleing it but i couldn't find anything , thanks
if you take the fabric tape off from around the pickup.
depending on how many wires it has.
2 (white / bare) or 4 (white / black/green/ red / bare) dimarzio example.

if i am right with this. the 2 wire pickups. both parts of the humbucker should be soldered together - 1 white continuously through the second part = bare wire.
4 wire pcikups have independent positive & negative for each part of the humbucker.

take off the tape. find the wire. (may have to unwind 1 wrap of cable,for sufficient length to work with)

re-solder it, re-wax seal, retape, reassemble. job done