done. You spelled pedal wrong at the end there. I don't know if you can or want to change that, but I just wanted to let you know.
What?! There's a clean channel on my amp?!

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omfg i totally forgot about that, you sir are jesus christ.
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does any1 know where I can get a fender les paul? i always only see 1 or the other but i want one thats both.

Done, just a note though; I have experienced pain in the fingers but only years ago when I first started. The questions seem to assume that an answer of 'yes' to number 7 means I still do.
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Unless its electronic drums.

Done, dawg bawy.
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Hi, I'm looking for some fruit, I can't decide between apples and oranges.
Which one is better?
Just a point of comment.

You should have done a logic route for Qn 8 and 9. You'd need to clean out the following responses when you need to analyse:
Q7 = No.
Then Q8 = N/A
Then Q9 = N/A

Also when you do any rating questions, you always have "negative" responses as the liowest scores and "positive" responses. Your carbon footprint question was a little counter-intuitive.
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it's so cool to hate Gibson, even the federal Department of Justice hates them.

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So after I fill in your questionnaire, I get taken to a sign-up page... Can I skip that, or do I need to fill that out for your questionnaire to be sent?