I've noticed guitars from the 80s still being played today from players and shops and I've noticed the Fender stratocaster worn look is almost exclusive.
I haven't really seen Ibanez or Jackson guitars having that worn paint look. The dings and bumps/scratches yes.

I was wondering if Fender uses a different kind of paint or uses thinner coats or what not.
more expensive fenders use nitrocellulose

it wears

ibanez, jackson and people like that probably use poly

it doesn't
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Even my 2011 MIA Strat uses a poly coat now, sadly.
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Even my 2011 MIA Strat uses a poly coat now, sadly.

Still it's a thinner kind of polyurethane finish, not the thick polyester lots of very cheap guitars have.
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Yes, strats used to use a very thin layer of nitro. Some of the solid color guitars did not even have clear coat on them. It's a delicate finish that wears over time. Most other guitars use polyurethane.
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Even my 2011 MIA Strat uses a poly coat now, sadly.

I think that's great. The polyurethane finish on the American Standard & Deluxs seems to be really thin, so I guess it doesn't make THAT much difference. I have two American Standards (Strat & Tele) and they're both very resonant. It's a big difference between a good poly finish and a bad one - MIM Standard's has an incredibly thick layer of polyester, for example.
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If you buy a nitro finished Fender it's still got a base coat of poly.
AFAIK the newer nitro finishes on Fenders are more for feel than for actual historical accuracy.

The Custom Shop guitars are likely different.
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