I need a ''cheap'' bass asap and since I could not find the one I wanted anywhere here in Italy (the Peavey Millennium AC BXP 4) I'll go for something else :

My options so far :

1) Peavey Millennium BXP 4 :


This one is 149,00 euro, the vendor is from Rome so I can pick it up from him directly without having to pay shipping costs. He says the bass is basicly new (a gift he never used) plus he'd give me a soft case for it.

2) Yamaha RBX 170

This one would cost me 160 euro new from a small guitar store near where I live, I've heard good things about low-end Yamaha basses even if I i'm not too fond of the ''odd'' shape of this bass.

3) Ibanez GSR180


This one would cost me 130 euro + shipping costs and it's a used one from a guitar store (they say however that it's in perfect condition).

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Quote by Spanner93

GAK.co.uk will ship to Italy, I got mu AC BXP there and I tjink it was about 10eur to ship it here (Netherlands), otherwise try sites like thomann.de or musicstore.de etc. as they all ship to Italy/Mainland Europe.

On the actual guitars, take the peavey.

I'd avoid buying something from UK considering that the pound is stronger than the euro.
Then again they don't have that bass in gloss black which is the finish I want. Thomann doesn't have it either, and I don't like buying from Thomann anyway because of the high shipping costs.
Thank you anyway.